Answering Questions

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You probably wonder why answering questions in the app is important. We have built Intellin to help you see if you have complications related to diabetes.

Intellin uses its special Risk Engine, that we are developing with the University of Nottingham to make an evaluation based on your answers - the more questions you answer, the better the predictions will be in the future!

Since everyone’s diabetes is unique, the Intellin Risk Engine takes this into consideration. The more data, the more personalised the risk profile.


If you do not have enough information to answer any of the questions, please speak with your nurse or diabetes specialist.

Questions Progress screen#

The main question screen is divided into three categories:

  • My Profile - easy questions (you should be able to answer these questions yourself)
  • My Diabetes - medium to hard (may require the assistance of your nurse)
  • Yearly Checks - hard (may require the assistance of your nurse) - get to understand why you have these checks

Each category shows your progress and how much you have left to answer.

Question Progress screen .center

You can also track your total progress in the Home screen

Home screen, highlighted Question Progress .center

Start answering questions#

Let's begin with My Profile questions - these should be straightforward to answer, however if you are not sure any of the questions, speak to your nurse or diabetes specialist.

Tap on the first question

Question Progress, My Profile highlighted the question '1 What type of diabetes do you have?' .center

Select the answer and tap Save button

Question Progress, My Profile screen with the first question 'What type of diabetes do you have?' .center

You will briefly see a confirmation about your question being saved...

Screen displaying Saved question .center

...and will be taken to the next automatically. Keep an eye on the progress bar!

Screen with second question 'Are you on insulin?' highlighted .center

You can see how much you have left to answer on the overview screen...

Question Progress screen with one complete answer .center

Keep an eye on the Priorities page#

Every time you answer a question or add new blood glucose, pressure entry etc. - you will be helping make the predictions even better.

Check the Priorities page, which gives you an overview of your complications. Speak to your nurse if you need help.

Priorities screen .center


Intellin is provided for general information purposes only. It does not offer medical, healthcare or any other advice on which you should rely. You must obtain professional or specialist medical advice before taking, or refraining from, any action on the basis of information obtained from the App.

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