Blood Glucose

What is Blood Glucose?#

Blood Glucose (known as Blood Sugar) is an important part of diabetes management and poorly controlled Blood Glucose can lead to serious complications.

How does Intellin display Blood Glucose?#

Intellin helps you focus your efforts on Blood Glucose, by informing you whether your levels are good or bad. The table below shows how Intellin determines levels of Blood Glucose.

Example of the Blood Glucose tile .center

Blood Glucose Ranges#

Currently Intellin uses NICE Guidelines to determine good or bad blood sugar levels. See the table below:

Blood Glucose Reading
Fasting/Before BreakfastBefore meals at other timesAt least 90 min after meal
Good5.0 – 7.0 (mmol/L)
90 – 126 (mg/dL)
4.0 – 7.0 (mmol/L)
72 – 126 (mg/dL)
5.0 – 9.0 (mmol/L)
90 – 162 (mg/dL)
Bad<5.0 (mmol/L)
<90 (mg/dL)
>7.0 (mmol/L)
>126 (mg/dL)
<4.0 (mmol/L)
<72 (mg/dL)
>7.0 (mmol/L)
>126 (mg/dL)
<5.0 (mmol/L)
<90 (mg/dL)
>9.0 (mmol/L)
>162 (mg/dL)

NICE Guidelines (NG17)


Intellin is provided for general information purposes only. It does not offer medical, healthcare or any other advice on which you should rely. You must obtain professional or specialist medical advice before taking, or refraining from, any action on the basis of information obtained from the App.

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