Quick Start

Step 1 - Download and Install the app#

Download on the App Store


Open the App Store app on your device and search for Intellin

Image of a two smartphones, one displaying Intellin app torus logo, second one displaying home screen

Step 2 - Create an account#

Once the app has been downloaded and installed onto your device, you’ll be greeted with the introduction screens - read through these to find out more about Intellin.

On the last screen tap on Get Started button to begin the registration.

Smartphone displaying an introduction screen with Get Started button highlighted .center

Tap on Create an account

Smartphone displaying a sign-in screen with Create an account link highlighted .center

Step 3 - Fill out your details#

Fill out all the details.

Provide your e-mail address and choose your secure password. In the event that you lose your phone, you can log back into your profile and synchronise all the information back to your new phone.

This is a very secure method of holding personal and sensitive data. We never know your password and all your data is anonymous - which means we are unable to link data to individuals.

Lastly, read and agree to Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Smartphone displaying Create an account screen with filled out details .center

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