List of Compatible Apps and Devices

We are working continuously to add an integration to new apps and devices. You can reach out to us at if you need any more information or if would like to suggest any devices that are not already on the list!

Up to date providers list#

Below is the comprehensive list of devices that can connect to the Intellin app. Check back later and see if your device is available!

Fitbit, IncFitbit Classic✅ Implemented
Fitbit, IncFitbit Ultra✅ Implemented
Fitbit, IncFitbit One✅ Implemented
Fitbit, IncFitbit Zip✅ Implemented
Fitbit, IncFitbit Flex✅ Implemented
Fitbit, IncFitbit Force✅ Implemented
Fitbit, IncFitbit Surge✅ Implemented
Fitbit, IncFitbit Blaze✅ Implemented
Fitbit, IncFitbit Alta✅ Implemented
Fitbit, IncFitbit Charge HR✅ Implemented
Fitbit, IncFitbit Charge✅ Implemented
Fitbit, IncFitbit Charge 2✅ Implemented
Fitbit, IncFitbit Charge 3✅ Implemented
Fitbit, IncFitbit Charge 4✅ Implemented
Fitbit, IncFitbit Flex 2✅ Implemented
Fitbit, IncFitbit Alta HR✅ Implemented
Fitbit, IncFitbit Ionic✅ Implemented
Fitbit, IncFitbit Versa 2✅ Implemented
Fitbit, IncFitbit Versa Lite Edition✅ Implemented
Fitbit, IncFitbit Versa✅ Implemented
Fitbit, IncFitbit Ace 2✅ Implemented
Fitbit, IncFitbit Ace✅ Implemented
Fitbit, IncFitbit Inspire✅ Implemented
Fitbit, IncFitbit Inspire HR✅ Implemented
Fitbit, IncFitbit Aria Air✅ Implemented
Fitbit, IncFirbit Aria 2✅ Implemented
Garminfńďnix 6 ‚Äď Pro and Sapphire editions‚úÖ¬†Implemented
Garminfńďnix 6s‚úÖ¬†Implemented
Garminfńďnix 6‚úÖ¬†Implemented
Garminfńďnix 6X - Pro and Sapphire editions‚úÖ¬†Implemented
Garminfńďnix 6X - Pro Solar Edition‚úÖ¬†Implemented
GarminVenu✅ Implemented
Garminvivoactive 4✅ Implemented
Garminvivoactive 4s✅ Implemented
Garminvívomove 3s✅ Implemented
Garminvívomove 3✅ Implemented
GarminLegacy Saga Series, Rey‚ĄĘ‚úÖ¬†Implemented
GarminLegacy Saga Series, Darth Vader‚ĄĘ‚úÖ¬†Implemented
GarminLegacy Hero Series, Captain Marvel✅ Implemented
GarminLegacy Hero Series, First Avenger✅ Implemented
GarminForerunner 945✅ Implemented
GarminForerunner 245 Music✅ Implemented
GarminForerunner 245✅ Implemented
GarminForerunner 45✅ Implemented
GarminForerunner 45S✅ Implemented
GarminForerunner 645✅ Implemented
GarminForerunner 645 Music✅ Implemented
GarminVivosmart 4✅ Implemented
GarminInstinct Serie✅ Implemented
GarminGarmin Swim 2✅ Implemented
GarminVivosport✅ Implemented
GarminForerunner 935✅ Implemented
GarminVivofit 4✅ Implemented
Garminapproach S40✅ Implemented
GarminD2 Delta Series✅ Implemented
GarminMARQ Collection✅ Implemented
Garminquatix 5✅ Implemented
GarminApproach S60✅ Implemented
GarminForerunner 735XT✅ Implemented
GarminApproach S10✅ Implemented
GarminForerunner 35✅ Implemented
GarminForerunner 235✅ Implemented
Garmintactix Charlie✅ Implemented
GarminForerunner 30✅ Implemented
GarminApproach S20 and CT10 Bundle✅ Implemented
Garminvivomove HR✅ Implemented
Garminvivoactive 3 Series✅ Implemented
Garminfenix 5 plus-Serie✅ Implemented
GarminIndex✅ Implemented
iHealth Labs, InciHealth✅ Implemented
iHealth Labs, InciHealth Align✅ Implemented
iHealth Labs, InciHealth Clear (BPM1)✅ Implemented
iHealth Labs, InciHealth Core (HS6)✅ Implemented
iHealth Labs, InciHealth Ease (BP3L)✅ Implemented
iHealth Labs, InciHealth Feel (BP5)✅ Implemented
iHealth Labs, InciHealth Lite (HS4S)✅ Implemented
iHealth Labs, InciHealth Gluco + Smart glucometer (BG5S-kit)✅ Implemented
iHealth Labs, InciHealth Track (KN-550BT)✅ Implemented
iHealth Labs, InciHealth Push (KD-723)✅ Implemented
iHealth Labs, InciHealth Sense✅ Implemented
iHealth Labs, InciHealth View (BP7S)✅ Implemented
iHealth Labs, InciHealth NEO (BP5S)✅ Implemented
iHealth Labs, InciHealth Nexus✅ Implemented
iHealth Labs, InciHealth Wave (AM4)✅ Implemented
MisfitVapor X✅ Implemented
MisfitVapor✅ Implemented
MisfitVapor 2✅ Implemented
MisfitCommand✅ Implemented
MisfitPath✅ Implemented
MisfitRay✅ Implemented
MisfitPhase✅ Implemented
OMRONViva✅ Implemented
OMRONComplete BP7900 Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure + EСG Model✅ Implemented
OMRONEvolv BP7000 Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Model✅ Implemented
OMRONMIT5s Connect Upper Arm Blood pressure monitor✅ Implemented
OMRONM7 Intelli IT 360 Degree Accuracy Connected✅ Implemented
OMRONRS3 Intelli IT✅ Implemented
OMRONHeartGuide Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor Model BP8000✅ Implemented
OMRONX7 Smart✅ Implemented
OMRONOMRON Wellness✅ Implemented
OMRONOMRON Connect✅ Implemented
Oura Health LtdSmart Ring✅ Implemented
PolarPolar Vantage V Titan✅ Implemented
PolarPolar Vantage M✅ Implemented
PolarPolar M600✅ Implemented
PolarPolar V650✅ Implemented
PolarPolar V800✅ Implemented
PolarPolar M400✅ Implemented
PolarIgnite✅ Implemented
PolarPolar M450✅ Implemented
PolarPolar M430✅ Implemented
PolarPolar M200✅ Implemented
PolarPolar A370✅ Implemented
PolarPolar A300✅ Implemented
PolarPolar A360✅ Implemented
PolarPolar Loop✅ Implemented
PolarPolar Loop 2✅ Implemented
PolarPolar Loop Crystal✅ Implemented
PolarPolar Balance✅ Implemented
PolarPolar H10✅ Implemented
PolarPolar OH1✅ Implemented
PolarPolar Flow✅ Implemented
StravaStrava✅ Implemented
SuuntoSuunto 9 BARO✅ Implemented
SuuntoSuunto 5✅ Implemented
SuuntoSuunto 9✅ Implemented
SuuntoSuunto 3 Fitness✅ Implemented
SuuntoSuunto 3✅ Implemented
SuuntoSuunto Spartan Sport✅ Implemented
SuuntoSuunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR✅ Implemented
SuuntoSuunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR BARO✅ Implemented
SuuntoSuunto 9 red bull X-Alps✅ Implemented
SuuntoSuunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR✅ Implemented
SuuntoSuunto Spartan Ultra✅ Implemented
SuuntoSuunto Traverse✅ Implemented
SuuntoSuunto Traverse Alpha✅ Implemented
SuuntoSuunto AmbiT3 Peak✅ Implemented
SuuntoSuunto AmbiT3 Sport✅ Implemented
SuuntoSuunto AmbiT3 Run✅ Implemented
SuuntoSuunto AmbiT3 Vertical✅ Implemented
SuuntoSuunto Core✅ Implemented
WithingsWithings Move✅ Implemented
WithingsWithings Move ECG✅ Implemented
WithingsWithings Pulse HR✅ Implemented
WithingsWithings Steel HR Sport✅ Implemented
WithingsWithings Steel HR✅ Implemented
WithingsWithings Steel✅ Implemented
WithingsWithings Body+ (Plus)✅ Implemented
WithingsWithings Body Cardio✅ Implemented
WithingsWithings Body✅ Implemented
WithingsBPM Core✅ Implemented
WithingsBPM Connect✅ Implemented
WithingsMove ECG✅ Implemented
WithingsThermo Smart Temporal Thermometer✅ Implemented

Up to date compatible bluetooth device list#

Below is the comprehensive list of bluetooth devices that can directly connect to the Intellin app. Check back later and see if your device is available!

i-SENSCareSens Dual blood glucose meter✅ Implemented
Innovation ZedInsulCheck Connect smart pen timer✅ Implemented
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