Patient Groups

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With Intellin you can share your results instantly with your Clinician, Nurse or GP. They can access a secure dashboard, see how are you progressing and advise on any adjustments to your condition.

Share your results with your Clinician

Navigate to Settings > Patient Groups and tap on the Join Patient Group button.

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You will be taken to the next page which allows you to generate a unique invite code - Tap on the Get Invite Code button to generate one.

Provide the generated code to your Clinician, Nurse or GP - they will be able to enter the code and link your results with their secure dashboard.


The unique code expires after 5 minutes. You can generate a new one if you generated it too early.

Manage your Patient Groups

Intellin gives you an easy and transparent way of managing any Patient Groups that you previously have joined in. View information like patient group name, address and contact details or leave the group if you are no longer taking part in.


You can leave the Patient Group at any time but remember: your Doctor won't be able to see your results anymore. To re-join you will need to generate a new invite code and provide it to your Doctor again.

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