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The priorities screen will help you better understand how diabetes can affect your health and your body and it plays an important part in managing your diabetes. The screen is made of two sections At a Glance and Tips

At a Glance#

This section can notify you if you are at risk of developing any complications related to your diabetes, such as:

  • Cardiovascular Disease Risk,
  • Eyes Risk,
  • Feet Risk,
  • Kidneys Risk, As you fill in add new entries regularly, Intellin will look at your history of entries and will identify your areas of priority and will provide a piece of advice on how to proceed - tap on the tile to expand and find out more.

Read more about Answering Questions.


Tips screen contains short articles related to diabetes, which let you better understand any related complications to the condition.

Occasionally, intellin will send you a notification with a useful tip.

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