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The Settings screen helps you: track your Questions progress, Connect to Apps and Devices or access FAQ. It also contains some of the useful features.

Change your units#

You can change your preferred measuring units and how you would like to enter your results. Choose between:

  • Blood Glucose - mmol/L or mg/dL,
  • Height and Weight - ft/in, st/lbs or ft/in, lbs or cm, kg
  • HbA1c or A1c - IFCC mmol/mol or DCCT % (percent)
  • Temperature - °C (Celsius) or °F (Fahrenheit)

Ability to add a temperature entry is coming soon!

Image of a smartphone displaying Units settings screen .center

Check version of the app and sync status#

If you would like to find out what version of the app you are currently using, scroll down to the bottom of the screen.

You will also find the last time the app synchronised your data.

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Subscribe to app and marketing updates#

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Opt-out at any time if you feel you don't need to receive any of these e-mails. Simple as that!

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